Abdominal obesity & Muscle weakness are the common cause for back pain. Post Delivery (postpartum/ post-natal) the pelvis muscles tend to loosen and get weaker. This may result in urinal incontinence. Unhealthy muscles & excess fat may lead to loosing shape & fitness and eventually to poor health.

Our SportsFit program offers advanced exercise programs that helps you to stay healthy with strong back, less fat, more muscles, increases energy & performance. It helps you to regain or maintain your shape.

SportsFit Training

Prehab & Rehab training for Professional Athletes & Amateurs

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Enhanced EMS Training with Pilates, regular sports training, suspension training, HIIT, Aqua Training, yoga training etc., to offer:

  • Endurance improvement
  • Performance enhancement
  • Body building
  • Sports Event preparation
  • Muscle relaxations
  • Overall fitness & wellness

A German Sports University study states that EMS training can:

  1. Strength performance increased on average by 30.7%
  2. Jumping performance increased on average by 9.14%
  3. Speed and sprint performance increased on average by 19.38%
  4. Kicking speed increased on average by 16.3%
  5. 4 cm more muscle growth was measured in athletes- more than with conventional training methods
  6. 84% improvement in general performance