Spine Physiotherapy

Spine Physiotherapy

Conditions Treated

  1. Back pain
  2. Neck pain
  3. Disc herniation and bulging
  4. Slip disc
  5. Cervical and lumbar spondylosis.
  6. Spondylolysis
  7. Trepezitis
  8. Lumbar canal stenosis
  9. Radicular pain to hand and legs
  10. Sciatica.
  11. Spinal post-operative muscular weakness and stiffness.
  12. Tingling and numbness in hands and legs and lot more.


Spinal mobilisation/ manipulation may help to restore the spine’s mechanics, reduce pain and trigger the body’s natural healing process.

Some studies show that spinal manual therapy may:

  • Help relieve acute lower back pain.
  • Help relieve chronic lower back pain.
  • Help treat neck pain.