Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries (Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons)

Soft tissue injuries are injuries related to the soft tissues of the body like muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve. The most common soft tissue injuries consist of sprains, strains, contusions, tendinopathies, bursitis and stress injuries. Soft tissue injuries are common in sport but can also happen due to repetitive use and falls. All soft tissue injuries need to be treated appropriately.


Soft-tissue injuries fall into two basic categories: acute injuries and overuse injuries.

  • Acute injuries are caused by a sudden trauma, such as a fall, twist, or blow to the body. Examples include sprains, strains, and contusions.
  • Overuse injuries occur gradually over time when an athletic or other activity is repeated so often that areas of the body do not have enough time to heal between occurrences. Tendinitis and bursitis are common soft-tissue overuse injuries.


CRRT cell repair therapy, through its unique electromagnetic pulses, may be useful in the repair and regrowth of tissues at cellular level. By recruiting fibroblast, CRRT can speed-up the healing process of the soft tissues.

ACOWAVE ESWT through biological feedback response can induce various growth factors that could help in soft tissue repair, as per the clinical researches.

PureOx Oxygen Therapy helps the blood to carry more oxygen at cellular level. PureOX also helps in angiogenesis process. This helps the tissues to heal faster effectively.

Cryo therapy is often used to decrease swelling in the acute stage. Following this, Electro Physiotherapy may be employed to help repair damaged ligaments, muscles & tendons.

Manual & Exercise Therapies: Solution depends on the grade and severity of the injury. In the early stages try not to put a lot of weight on the affected area before commencing treatment to minimise any further damage. (i.e., minimal walking).

Joint stiffness is common post to joint and soft tissue injuries. Our highly skilled Physiotherapists will help you regain full range of movement through skilled hands-on techniques and will provide you with a research based personal exercises program to help you self-manage your injury successfully. Our team of Physiotherapists will provide a safe, quick and effective solution to your problem.